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Decomposer - DECOMPEX O0711 - Clearzone

Decomposer - DECOMPEX O0711 - Clearzone

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ABOUT : Use DECOMOPEXO 0711 Cremating dead corpses is tough. Depending on the size and weight of an animal or human burying it requires salt in equal proportions to speed up the decomposition process. However, you know it is not always convenient as there are animals, Humans that are bigger & heavier requiring more salt. Use this Product in the Ratio of 2 kg per 20 kg of body weight for effective results. It’s also Use in lather, Veterinary Hospital and Government Sector.

We Produce DECOMPEXO 0711 to address this problems. Available in 2 to 25 kg packages this product effectively stimulate the putrefaction process.

This Product is prevent the cremation spots from getting dug by scavengers.

Kills all kinds of clostridium bacteria like S. aureus, p aeruginosa, escherichia coli, salmonella abony and stops associated  diseases.

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