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Science DIY kit - Mysteries MAPs - Smile Wellness Foundation

Science DIY kit - Mysteries MAPs - Smile Wellness Foundation

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  • Reflection of Light – Kaleidoscope
  • Convex Lens – Magnifying Glass
  • Scattering of Light/Tyndall Effect – Laser Beam
  • Super Water Absorbing Polymers – Jelly Balls


  • Liquid Density – Column
  • Osmosis – Resins
  • Hydrophobic Interactions – Milk
  • pH Determination using Litmus Papers
  • pH Determination using Natural Indicator


  • Soil Components

Introducing MAPS Kits: DIY science kits for upper primary students  featuring 10 experiments in each kit covering physics, chemistry, and biology. Developed by experienced women scientists, these kits provide evidence-based learning and complement academic education. Students perform hands-on experiments that enhance understanding and improve academic scores.

DIY Mysteries MAPs 7th std

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