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Fogging Machine - FOG MASSEY 0817 - Clearzone

Fogging Machine - FOG MASSEY 0817 - Clearzone

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The Fog Massey is a non-flammable solution designed specifically for use in electrical fogging devices. The solution has a long hang time, good dispersion, and a high consistency, resulting in a soft cloud of white fog that effectively eliminates the threat of numerous diseases.

NOTE:- Use for only electric fogging machine& ULV fogging machine.


Clearzone Fog Massey effectively repells mosquitoes in residential areas, corporate offices, or any other humid areas. The tried and proven formulation protects against other insects and prevents again deadly diseases such as Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, and more. Fog Massey effectively annihilates prospects of such diseases. So, use a Fog Massey to prevent this from happening.


Use this product with our ULV fogging machine for better results.

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