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Perfume - YOM Perfume Neptune

Perfume - YOM Perfume Neptune

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YOM PERFUME Naturally Processed Long Lasting Attar Perfume for Unisex Neptune.

The quality of jasmine used makes this fragrance long lasting and refreshing. Suited for both day and night, Uranus is one of the top perfumes for men and women that never disappoints the wearer.

Neptune is the eighth and the farthest planet of the solar system. Though this planet is far away from the sun but is a remembered part of the solar system just like our fine fragrance Neptune. This fragrance once tried and used has a tendency to become everyone's favourite. Neptune is one of the best perfume for men and women both.

Neptune a top perfume for both men and women is a light blend of muguet, musk and jasmine. This fine fragrance is subtle yet enticing and is appropriate for day-time as well as night-time. At Yom International, quality is give utmost importance. The use of sought after ingredients makes this fragrance long-lasting and one of a kind.

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