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Portable ECG Machine - Dr. Cardio 12 Channel Portable ECG Machine

Portable ECG Machine - Dr. Cardio 12 Channel Portable ECG Machine

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Brand Name: Dr. Cardio

Manufacturer: Kavitul Technologies

Included Components:  chest electrode, a clamp electrode, an ECG cable, jelly

Item Weight: 100 gm

Dimensions: Length- 90 MM, Breadth- 55 MM, Height- 35 MM

Kavitul Technologies’ brings you the world’s smallest 12-Channel portable ECG machine. This portable 12-channel ECG machine is a lightweight, mobile-controlled device that can operate all 12 channels at the same time. The handy device can be connected to any Android device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, through Bluetooth. The report is released in the form of a PDF.

The pocket-sized, compact 12-channel portable ECG machine comes with its working kit in a sleek bag. The kit contains a chest electrode, a clamp electrode, an ECG cable, jelly, and a Credit card-sized ECG device.

It is a unique product since it is reasonably priced, easy to handle, has a long battery life, and requires zero maintenance. The ECG has a switch, cable connector, battery point, Bluetooth LED, and a reset key. Due to its easy functionality, even a layman can operate the device without hassle.

Start the machine by pressing the switch-on key. The moment the Bluetooth signal is turned on, the device will get connected to the Android system of your choice, be it a mobile phone or a tablet. Look for the Dr. Cardio application, open it, and follow the directions to fill in your healthcare details. From your phone, open the Bluetooth settings and turn them on. Once the device is visible on Bluetooth, do the pairing process to connect it to the app. The device will now send a passkey. Press OK, open the Dr. Cardio app, and press Acquire ECG. Bluetooth will display the Dr. Cardio device. Tap the device number and press the play button. The device will acquire the ECG data. Tap the three dots on the top right section of your screen and generate the report in PDF format. Now, write the patient’s name and send the PDF to email or WhatsApp.

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