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Trio Pack Pasta - The Saucy Spoon - Trio Pack Pasta (Pack Of 3)

Trio Pack Pasta - The Saucy Spoon - Trio Pack Pasta (Pack Of 3)

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With the Saucy Spoon's Trio Pack, your culinary creativity knows no bounds. This trio pack simplifies meal planning and preparation, making it a time-saving solution for busy households. This trio pack includes three beloved pasta shapes, each meticulously crafted with the finest durum wheat semolina, ensuring premium quality that forms the foundation for your culinary creations. From classic Italian recipes to innovative dishes, these pasta varieties provide a versatile canvas for exploring a wide range of flavours, making it ideal for aspiring and seasoned chefs. It's the perfect addition to your pantry for quickly creating memorable meals.

100% Durum Wheat Low in Calories Healthy Cooked 

No Chemicals & Preservatives

Quality Ingredients High Protein & Fibre Vegan - 400g Each

Brand Name
The Saucy Spoon



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